Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm a caretaker

I'm a caretaker.  Just like it says in the title.  That is what I am.  There's a reason why people call me "Mother".  It has nothing to do with the CIA.  At all.  Turns out.

I watch out for everyone.  I can't help that.  I can't stand seeing my friends upset or hurt because oddly enough, I physically feel their pain.  I can't handle it when an employee is having a meltdown and everyone else is standing around with their mouths open, wondering what to do - I have to do something about it.  I shed a tear when I see an animal that's been abused (humane society ads be damned!).  I am very passionate about things that have nothing to do with me.
I want to make the world safer for my family, my friends, my friends' families, their pets (yes, cats included).  I wish there was more I could do.
But I am one person.  And I can only do so much.

So why am I in the position I'm in now?  
Good question.
I do not know.
I should be a counselor, a nurse, an EMT, a therapist.  
I am only a massage therapist.
I am only a human resources robot.
But...I am a caretaker.
And I can't change that.


  1. There's nothing "only" about you at all! And even if you're not in a "caring" job right now, the comfort and support that you provide for others says so much about the type of person you are :)

    Hugs, Bev

  2. Only the most important woman in my life, who I love and would be a mess without.