Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have an opinion

This past weekend was Seacompression - which is Seattle's version of Burningman decompression parties.
I don't know why I bother going.  I really don't.  Especially when Portland's Burnout and San Francisco's decompression parties are so...GOOD.
I understand there are dozens of volunteers that put in their time & energy in creating Seacompression - I GET IT - you don't need to lecture me on this aspect - I've thrown plenty of events in this town and in other cities as well.  But man it tends to not be...that good year after year is completely beyond me. 

Case in point:
The space - everyone knows that the hangar at Sandpoint Magnusson Park has the worst feng shui on the planet.  There's no rhyme or reason at this venue.  People are running into each other the whole event.
And who are these suspension people taking up half the hangar?  Why?  Half the time they weren't even doing anything.  
Why weren't there more stilters?  Why was the only marching band, which is one I adore, Titanium Sporkestra?  Where were some of the others?
Where were the art cars?
Also, the good folks who rent this space out to burners like to shut down EARLY. 2am?  Really?  Where ARE we?  No burner event wants to be shut down at 2am - they want to go all night...sometimes til dawn or beyond.  (thank you Hippos, for throwing an after party - the community loves you!)
The music - there are really good sounds and there are sounds that are questionable.  DJ's that are consistently good?  Michael Manahan.  Everyone else?  Uhhhh...I can't really say, b/c I inevitably leave after 5 minutes of their sets.

Seacompression is not really like the playa, despite what you might be thinking.  Maybe the costumes, but the atmosphere itself?  No way.  The playa is amazing.  Seacompression?  Not quite.

After speaking to some people that were there last nite I realized that at least 45-50% of them had never been to Burningman and never will go...which is FUCKING WEIRD to me.  If you're gonna go to a decompression event, then you need to get your ass down there so you can see for yourself what it's really like.  No amount of event attending is gonna do what being there will.  None.

I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the hard work people put into throwing Seacompression, because I do.  I just wish it were...different.  And maybe different means better.

So until then, I will continue to trek to the playa and hit other decomp parties afterwards.

Sorry Seattle, I'm gonna have to pass for now.

**and let the shit talking begin...NOW.


  1. HA! That's what I've been saying for years. Glad I saved my $20.

  2. Glad I stayed home, didn't get food poisoning, and worked instead.

  3. FUCK your opinion! Heehee.
    Here I thought we were missing out on something great by staying home on Saturday (what is it they say on the Playa? Fear of Missing Out?).
    What a bummer. I guess we go to SF next year.

  4. [nodding head in agreement]
    Yes to most all of what you said. We had many campmates in from outta town this weekend and it made doing the PDX thing for K and I a no go. :( But I think it woulda been a better shindig down there. Oh well - This was supposedly the LAST year at Sand Point. City parks are cutting most (all but 6 of 250 events at the hangers next year. SeaComp has no choice but to find a new home. Sadly the only place it is likely to end up is Pravda studios in Fremont...

  5. Pravda is on cap hill and not big enough to throw an event - and the space is beautiful. you mean, fremont studios? that space is HUGE.

  6. That's exactly why I didn't go this year. And I had only been to it once... before I had even been to Burning Man...

  7. I'm here to say that the SF event, while huge, is also loud and overwhelming, and it gets REALLY drunk out by dark o'clock. Come to SF and we'll just hang out.

  8. I think I was drunk while it was still daylight out last year. At least SF's decomp doesn't suck.

  9. In years past, I've actually enjoyed Seacomp. I would drink a little and dance my ass off with friends. My first year I thought the space was awkward but they'd filled it nicely. Oh, and I got lucky. Last year the large room seemed so empty and echo-y. But still, my friends made the event fun.
    This year all things seemed off. That place is such a cave, the cacophony of noises was driving me crazy. What was up with the sound in the main dance room? There was no place to retreat to.
    Two good things: the fun house, crawling in a dress while almost 6 months pregnant is kinda goofy.... and the Taco Flair truck. yum.
    Really, you all should have just come to my camp's after-party at LRS. We managed to make the space feel really good. The sound quality and the music itself was nice. We talked them into opening the Bistro at 3am so people could eat. This gal was out until past 5 am.
    Next year let's all caravan down to PDX.