Monday, December 20, 2010


I've had person after person ask me why I "check in" via yelp or why I review or why I don't do these things (ie:  review) for a living.

I really don't have an answer for that, except for...I'm pretty sure it won't pay me what I want, but if money weren't an object, I'd probably do it for a living.  I mean, why not?  How about that for a roundabout answer?  Hmm?  Hmmm?

I review places because I, quite frankly, have an opinion, and would like the public to know.  Why wouldn't I warn people of a restaurant where the cook sneezes into her hands and then puts those same hands in a bowl of noodles?  Ewww.  Why wouldn't I want people to know that there's a restaurant that has great service, great food, and great prices, or that there's a venue that's absolutely magical and my friends, who were looking for such a place, should get married there?  Why would I NOT share that information?  With everyone?  

We get out a lot, I admit that - to restaurants, bars, events at different venues.  Each one, in my humble opinion, has a little bit o' something that needs to be shared with the general public (that would be YOU).  

So yeah, that's why I review.  That and I get to go to some pretty cool events where there's food, booze, shwag, great people (watching), plus networking...for free.  All so I can write my tiny little opinion about it later in hopes that it generates some business (or not).

Does this make you want to write reviews?  If even a little bit?  :)

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  1. Hear hear! Keep 'em coming, I love them. On a related note, I'm sad Yelp no longer hires me to photograph their leet parties...