Friday, January 28, 2011

Freedom! ... what what

So.  In case you hadn’t heard, I left my corporate job.
For real.
This is not a joke.
The older I get, the more I realize that working for a big ass conglomerate (or “working for the man”) is really not my thing.  Like not even a little bit.  Staring at a computer for 8-10+ hours a day with little to no human interaction just about killed me.  And I miss smaller workplaces – where I know everyone – their names, their job titles, where they sat in the office, their pets’ names, what they like to eat – all the little details that are missed when there are a bazillion people.  Anything bigger than 150-200 and I start getting itchy.  So imagine me at 15,000.  It’s like being covered in mosquito bites.

Mind you, not every large company is like this.  When I worked for a huge apparel retailer - at the corporate campus, we worked hard and played hard.  We were allowed to go workout on our lunch (sometimes for more than *gasp* an hour) and not get scolded for it.  Imagine it!  Actually leaving your desk to take a lunch or go workout!  We had tons of social events.  People came by to visit.  We weren’t just staring at our computer screens, keying shit…day in, day out.  There was variety.  And like minded people.

So not all big corps are alike.  Just some.  Here.  In.  Seattle.

But anyway…

With prodding from C and a couple of fabulous friends (the “blonde mafia” as I sometimes refer to them as), a few freaks outs, a “you’d do this for someone else, so do it for yourself” conversation, some tears, somewhat of an emotional breakdown, and more white hairs than I care to see on my head, I said “sayonara, bitches” to my current workplace and have joined the ranks of the other searchers.  HOLY SHIT!  I might actually make it to yoga everyday!  I’ll be able to spend more time at the park w/ my dog!  I can go back to cooking!  I can do massage whenever I want!  I can go back to personal training if I feel like it!  We’re gonna have the cleanest.  Place (and garage).  EVAR!

Now I can troll craigslist for something I truly want, thanks to my bestest friend and partner, C.

And I can finally take a little bit of time to chill…but you guys know me - I don’t take time!  It always has to be now now NOW!  So there’s that.  We’ll see how long I can sit still and NOT work.

You’re welcome to place bets…

**photo courtesy of yours truly.  Me and my tea.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is my idea of a perfect start to a morning - coffee, paper of some sort, and my man (that's his arm).  Too bad I couldn't photoshop Loki into the picture b/c that would complete it!
I wish every morning could be slow and easy like this.  
Maybe someday.

**pic courtesy of my iPhone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

**photo courtesy of my iPhone.