Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here I Go Again...

So.  Here I am again.  Getting ready to head down to Burningman.  Yet.  Again.

I'm in a bit of a frenzy right now - as we've been out of town a lot, so preparations have kiiiind of gone down the shitter.  NONETHELESS, I will persevere.  I always do.  This is how we do it...and not in a Montell Jordan kinda way either.

This year is going to be especially tough for me as I'm bringing down Cristal's ashes.  You may recall a post from my other blog about Cristal - she was a dear friend of mine that was diagnosed in 2008 with cervical cancer and a year later, passed away.  
She went to the playa with me in 2007 and had the time of her life.  I know she had a ball b/c I hardly saw her out there - she was too busy running around the desert creating her own adventures.  She made tons of friends, connections, and worked part time in accounting while attending massage therapy school (sound familiar?  It should).  She was a beautiful person, a loving being, and cancer took her away.  She was only 32.  

The week before she died, we were hanging out - both her and I on her twin hospital bed - talking about how we were going to go to Burningman together again.  I knew, but didn't expect it to be in this capacity - me taking her down in a tiny little box.  But here we are.  And here I am, getting ready to take (part of) her to the temple this year.  

At dusk, a group of friends will be taking another friend's ashes to the temple on Wednesday.  Another friend taken away by cancer.  I will join those friends with Cristal and we will all walk over together.  We will silently pray, meditate, and send our love to both of these amazing women.  When the sun finally sets, we will go wherever we are pulled to go and dance the night away in honour of Shura & Cristal.  They will be with us in spirit. 
As above
So below

**photo for Cristal, she loved mushrooms


  1. Beautiful and true. Thank you for sharing this, Lily - wish I could be there too.

  2. Really beautiful post, lily.

  3. Beautiful. I will be sure to be mindful when the temple burns this year. See you again lovely Cristal, and Shura. You are both angels.