Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been trying to take better care of myself as of late - biking more, yoga more, taking Loki on frequent walks around the neighbourhoods - that kind of stuff.  

I realize that my stress level has gone way WAY down since I left my former job.  It was to be expected, I get that - I just didn't expect it to be as low as it's been these past couple of days.  I think I've halted the hair-turning-white-thing for a little while (PHEW!) and I'm much more at ease.  Spending a few hours at Olympus Spa probably helped, as well as the amount of sleep I'm getting - which has been heavenly.  It's like catching up on a year's worth of sleep!  My body is still freaking out a little bit - wondering what I'm doing ("what is this sleep thing?") and getting used to NOT sitting in a shitty work chair.

Currently I'm on stay-cation right now - dinking about town, seeing friends, and taking care of me, til I go back to the working world next Monday.  I'm avoiding cleaning out the garage, even though that's where I should be right now...oh well.

I should be ready to go back to work by next week - til then, I'm gonna do whatever I damn well please!

Enjoy the sun - cuz that's what I'm gonna do!

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