Friday, April 9, 2010

My arm

So you might've read about how I'd like someone to bring me a bionic arm (below).

I'm serious.  

Maybe a bionic shoulder blade too.  Or shoulder blade muscle.

I think I've figured out what the hell's wrong w/ my left arm...
I noticed that when I'm at work it's sore.  Uncomfortable.  Like I need to just keep stretching all day (not a bad thing, actually, I could do that all day).  Or rather like I want to tear my left scapula out of my body.  Extreme, I know, but right now, I think it might actually FEEL good.

Ergonomics.  I don't haz them here at work.  My desk is made for someone that's 5'9" and I'm 5' nothin.  I don't even think my office knows what ergonomics really is b/c everyone I see is sitting improperly - keyboards up too high, seats too low, slumped over, twisting in all different directions.

It's like a workman's comp claim just waiting to happen.  And when I bring it up, I'm returned with a mouthbreathing blank stare.

What do I do?  Any suggestions?

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